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Thematic Tour

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The Guided Tour, on foot or with the electric car, offers a deeper orientation and information on the natural and cultural resources of the arboretum, through selected trails and paths.

The Interpretive Trails orient the public on the visitation with themes and path previously agreed on. The visitor can guide himself, by using the leaflets or apps with the map with the marked paths and an explanatory text, which emphasizes the points of interest according to the selected subject.


While the Botanical Garden built, since its foundation in 1808, one of the most beautiful flora repositories in the World, it also added highly valued works of art to its collection, which nowadays are integrated to the landscape of the Arboretum.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Along the Historical Trail it is possible to see important plant species, art pieces and architectural monuments of the Botanical Garden. For a deeper knowledge, the Visitor Center has a database and there are interpretive signposts inside the Arboretum.
Duration: 2 hours

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Along the Trail of the Noble Trees one can discover the noblest of species from the Atlantic and the Amazon Forests. The name “noble trees” encompassed the ecological, economical and landscaping importance of those species.
Duration: 2 hours

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