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How to Get There

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Bus Lines

All bus lines that pass close to the Jockey Club stop at 1009, Jardim Botânico Street. Another option is to use the bus lines numbered 409, 124 and 416, getting off at the first stop of Lopes Quintas Street and walking through Carandaí Street to enter the park through the gate at 101, Pacheco Leão Street.

Here are the lines that stop at 1008, Jardim Botânico Street:
131-158-161-162-170-172-173-176-178-186-309-316-317-410-438-439-511-512-522- 524-536-538-569-570-573-574-583-584-2014-775D-750D


The subway user can get the integration bust at Botafogo Station and get out at 728, Jardim Botânico St., entering the garden through 101, Pacheco Leão St.

To return, the integration bus stops near the Jockey Club, close to Santos Dumont Square. For those who prefer to leave through the gate at Pacheco Leão Street, the closest bus stop is at 667, Jardim Botânico St.

Bike Rio

There are bicycle stands at the Botanical Garden and a bicycle rental service in the city called Bike Rio with stations at 320 and 915, Pacheco Leão St. And at 40, Santos Dumont Square


A few taxi cooperatives have taxi stands close to the Botanical Garden:

Horto Táxi (Von Martius Street) – 2241- 4222
Gávea Táxi (Marquês de São Vicente Street) – 2512-5228
JB Táxi (Benjamim Batista Street) – 2178-4000
Lagoa Táxi (Maria Angélica Street) – 2233-4605

Rio Rotativo

At Santos Dumont Square there is the municipal parking service. To use it, the driver must purchase the ticket directly with the onsite-accredited seller.