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Environmental Education

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Environmental Education is a permanent process from which individuals and groups take conscience of their environment and acquire knowledge, values, skills, experience and determination that make the apt to act – individually and collectively to solve environmental problems.

The Environmental Education Service of the Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden was created in July, 1992, and is at Pacheco Leão’s house with a multidisciplinary team. Its goal is to train critical subjects on the aspect of conservation of biodiversity and social and environmental sustainability aimed at a transformation towards a fairer and sustainable society.

It has the following lines of action: promotion of scientific knowledge, Training in Environmental Education, Training on Environmental Management, Extension and Research in Environmental Education.

Phone: 2274-7374 / 2274-7332
Coordinator: Maryane Saisse
Substitute: Milena Goulart Souza Rodrigues
Team: Carmelita Santoro Bottino, Marcia Salgueiro Maria Teixeira Wenzel, Maria Manuela Mattos Rueda e Maria Teresa de Jesus Gouveia

Know Our Garden

It is a didactic activity that takes place in the form or monitored itineraries, of multidisciplinary approach, destined to teachers. It is part of the proposal of a permanent and continuing education of teachers in non-formal education spaces. It is aimed at emphasizing the pedagogical usage of the Botanical Garden in activities of environmental education and motivating the environmental approach in formal education. It is necessary to book the activity in advance. The teachers receive a certificate of participation and printed material. The pegadogical material produced is digitally available on the link “Publications”.

Time of the Didactic Training:
Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Thursdays from 1:30 p.m to 5 p.m.

Didactic Laboratory

It is a project on environmental activities and educational practices that take place along with contemplation, creative and ludic activities that use existing elements of the Botanical Garden as starting point. It is aimed at school students, to awake a critical analysis regarding environmental issues and to spread the historical and scientific knowledge of the activities of the Botanical Garden. The activities use games, narrative construction, observation and investigation, always in a collaborative manner. It is necessary to book in advance. It can be done from Monday in the afternoon until Friday. With one laboratory during the morning and another during the afternoon with 40 minutes each.