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  • Archives of the Botanical Garden

    The journal Archivos do Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro was created in 1915 by the director at the time, Antônio Pacheco Leão, with the goal of disseminating scientific studies performed at the institution. Between 1915 and 1933, six volumes were published. From 1947 onwards, after a 14 year gap, more 27 volumes were published, with the title already following the new spelling rules. In 1996, the journal stopped being published in the volume 34 (part 2).

    Since its creation, important botanists published the results of their investigation in this journal, mostly studies on the Brazilian flora. The subject “plant systematics” was the most common. Among the main collaborators, during the first phase of the journal, are Alberto Loëfgren, Adolpho Ducke, João Geraldo Kuhlmann, Paulo Campos Porto and Fernando Rodrigues da Silveira. Their studies contributed to the advance of the taxonomy of extremely diverse families in the tropics, such as the Cactaceae, Orchidaceae, Leguminosae and Eriocaulaceae among others. It must be stressed the impact of the series created by Adolpho Ducke: Plantes nouvelles ou peu connues de la région amazonienne, which still today is the most important contribution for the knowledge of the Amazon flora, after the Flora Brasiliensis by Martius.

    In later volumes, new authors started to contribute, such as Alexandre Curt Brade, Carlos Toledo Rizzini, Graziela Maciel Barroso and Edmundo Pereira with their vast contributions in taxonomy, and also Fernando Romano Milanez, Armando de Mattos Filho and Paulo Agostinho de Matos Araújo in the field of plant anatomy. Already in the final phase, between the decades of 1980 and 1990, the journal was the main mean of scientific dissemination of a new generation of botanists involved in taxonomic, anatomic and phytogeographic studies, mostly under supervision of Brade, Graziela and Rizzini.

    During its 79 years of existence, the contribution of the national scientific community was highly praised, even though foreigners also published articles on Brazilian plants. To sum up, 297 articles, written by 139 botanists and researchers in related areas were published, among which were 122 Brazilian researchers and 22 foreign scientists.

    Today, after a hiatus of 18 years is consolidate the efforts to revive the publication, in the second half of 2012. The magazine should be focused on the publication of revisional texts and texts from the programs and projects of the staff of the research Institute for Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro and its partners, as well as the publication of studies by researchers from other institutions both in Brazil and abroad.

    • Archives of the Institute of Plant Biology

    • Archives of the Botanic Garden

    • Archives of the Institute of Forest Service

      Reporting directly to the Forest Service from 1938, the Botanical Garden began publishing its scientific production in the Archives of the Forest Service, edited by the institute and running from 1939 to 1957. This title replaces the journal Archives of the Institute of Plant Biology, with the same objectives as the previous title, ie the publication of original work done by technicians of the institute and scientists outside the institution.

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  • Rodriguésia

    Rodriguésia – Journal of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is published every three months with never before published scientific articles on many fields of Plant Biology, Botanical History and activities realted to botanical gardens.

    It was created in 1935 and it is named after João Barbosa Rodrigues (1842-1909), naturalista who directed the Botanical Garden and whose studies encompass many fields of science.

  • CD

    Guided Tour and Exhibition at the Botanical Garden
    "Reflecting and acting, today and forever"
    A collaborative look on our planet
    IV National Week of Science and Technology - oct/2007


  • Books

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  • Journals

    Rodriguésia. Journal of the Botanical Garden - Link

    Index of articles published in Rodriguésia 1935-2000 - Download

    Index of articles published in Rodriguésia 2001-2005 supplement to the index of 1935-2000 - Download

    Index of the Archives of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden - 1915-1996 - Link

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    Brazilian Journal on the History of Science, Vol. 5, Supplement 2012 - Download

  • Theses and Dissertations

    The National School of Tropical Botany makes available online the abstracts of theses and dissertations written by its masters and doctorate students. Click on the links below to access the list of publications.