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Authorization for Use of Image

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The Communication sector of the Research Institute works from Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Services Offered

Press Services

• On the phone numbers 55(21) 3204-2498 ou 55(21) 3204-2518

• On the e-mail:

• To receive high resolution photos or files with more than 300Kb:


Authorization to record, film or take pictures for the press or academic research

The authorization to record, film or take journalistic or academic pictures in any part of the Botanical Garden is given by the Directors Office after the request made to the press office. Journalists and TV teams at work have free admittance in the arboretum by producing an authorization document up to the limit of 15 people.

Articles, photos and films of printed material of promotional/institutional content are not considered journalistic activity, even if they present a journalistic format. In this case, the Advisory Office of Permission of Use must be consulted.


Request of Authorization for recording, filming or taking pictures of journalistic or academic nature

Send an e-mail request to with the following information:

• Company / institution and program where the content will be aired;

• Name of the person in charge of the production;

• Contact information (Phone, e-mail, address);

• Overview (from one to three lines);

• Day and time for the production;

• Number of team members and

• List of equipment (it is not necessary to specify brands or manufacturers).

The requests must be made until 5:30 p.m. of the previous week-day before the requested date so that the RJBG can analyze the request and send the authorization document. The authorization will be sent by e-mail and must be printed and presented to the security at the gates of the Botanical Garden.

We recommend that the teams are aware of the Regulations of Public Use of the RJBG. The Botanical Garden is a federal research institution, with an environmentally protected area and the patrimony is registered at the IPHAN, presenting some restrictions to activities, especially inside the Arboretum.

The RJBG’s Arboretum is formed by plants scientific collections and is also a place for contemplative leisure. Thus, we highlight that:

• It is not allowed to enter with heavy equipment in the Arboretum, such as medium or big sized generators, cranes, or objects that can make the locomotion more difficult inside the garden

• The entrance of vehicles of the production teams is not allowed in general. The vehicles must remain in he parking lot at 1008, Jardim Botânico St. or 1235, Pacheco Leão St. Exceptional situations will be dealt with if necessary.

• The Communication office does not provide electrical cars for the production teams.

• Sound equipment or musical instruments are not allowed inside the Arboretum.

• It is not allowed to step on the grass of the tree-beds or to put equipment, chairs or other objects on it. If that is absolutely necessary, then the grass in front of the Visitor Center must be used.

• The authorization is given to Teams of 15 people at mos. The entrance of those exceding this number will be charged.