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    Sprout donation

    This is a service offered exclusively to institutions.

    To improve the process of sprout donation, we suggest the following:
    - Fill in the request form and the Donation Term, signed by the institution representative and sent to the Director of Environment and Technology of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden through the mail. (Rua Jardim Botânico n.° 1008, CEP 22460-160) or by fax (21-3874-1200).
    - If the institution representative is not coming to get the sprouts in person, must send an authorization with the person that will get the sprouts.
    - The government agency or institution must make the request through an official letter with the institution’s letterhead.
    - The list of available species must be consulted firs.

    Instrument of sprout donation

    Donation Request Form

    Administrative rule of the Botanical Garden – Portaria JBRJ Nº107/2004


    Permission to use the physical spaces of the Botanical Garden

    Glaucia Caldas
    Maíra da Rocha e Silva

    Portaria JBRJ Nº 110/2004
    Portaria JBRJ Nº 095/2011, DE 1º DE JULHO DE 2011
    Portaria JBRJ nº 102/2011
    Portaria JBRJ nº 104/2010


    Service Letter to the Citizen

    It is an instrument whose goal is to provide knowledge on the Botanical Garden, what the institution does and what does it offer to the citizens, informing and facilitating access. It also enables the democratic dialog with many sectors of the Botanical Garden. Lastly, the letter represents the work and the commitment of the institution with the society.

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