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Who we are?

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The Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro stands with the mission to "promote, conduct and disseminate education and technical-scientific research on the flora resources of Brazil, seeking knowledge and biodiversity conservation, as well as the maintenance of scientific collections under their responsibility. "

To fulfill its mission the Botanical Gardens study, research , Scientific Collections maintains , publishes and educates for Biodiversity Conservation . From records of scientific expeditions , it is possible to study the plants and the environment where they are found . Samples were collected are records of the existence of the plant , its description , habitat ; samples of wood and fruits will be in the herbarium for reference. The study of seed germination can demonstrate how it will be the production of seedlings to be grown in the Botanical Garden , part of the living collection . The collector of seeds from the calendar flowering , seed collection for study , seedling production , re - introduction in the arboretum and subsequent sale of the surplus . The DNA samples are records of the identity of the plant that are used to study . Thus the plants are protected out of their habitat and in case of destruction of the environment where there is information and genetic material that allows the restoration of the original environment . The study can also guide natural areas and ecological regions should remain under conservation in addition to supporting the establishment of lists of endangered species . For these efforts to conserve biodiversity have effect are fundamental studies and environmental education programs that allow the appropriation of this knowledge society , making all agents toward ensuring that " everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment and common use the people and essential to a healthy quality of life , and both the government and the community the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations. "


“To promote, create and spread scientific investigations with emphasis on the flora, aiming at conservation and to the recognition of the importance of biodiversity, as well as making activities to promote the integration of science, education, culture and nature.”


Be the most sustainable Botanical Garden in Brazil.

Actions in Sustainability


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