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Undergraduate Research Project

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Programa de Iniciação Científica

Institutional Program of Scholarships for Undergraduate Research Projects (PIBIC/CNPq – JBRJ – acronym in Portuguese)

The PIBIC is a program of the National Council for Scientific Research (CNPq – acronym in Portuguese) aimed at qualifying undergraduate students to work on scientific research. Thus, the program provides incentives for the participation of the students in research projects with academic quality, scientific merit and adequate orientation.

Towards this end, the program offers quotas of Undergraduate Research scholarships for Brazilian institutions. The selected students must show good academic grades and a potential to carry on their studies after they graduate.

Objectives of the Program

  • To find scientific vocation and provide incentives for new potential talents among students.
  • Contribute to reduce the average time to acquire a master’s or doctor’s diploma.
  • Provide to the institution an instrument to create policies on undergraduate research.
  • Stimulate a more intense relationship between undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Contribute on the training of human resources for research.
  • Contribute importantly in the reduction of the average time of the students in postgraduate programs.
  • Create stimuli for productive researchers to involve undergraduate students in their research activities.
  • Provide to the student with the scholariship the learning of research methods and techniques, as well as provide stimuli to the development of the scientific toughtt and creativity.
  • Programming Seminar XXI PIBIC

  • Relationship of students and projects

    Fellows PIBIC 2014

    Adrian Hagemeye Leonardo-PereiraJoão Marcelo A. BragaEvaluation of performance and success of restoration plantings in Restinga
    Alessandra Ribeiro PintoLeandro FreitasComposition and abundance of bees Euglossini (APIDAE) in montane Atlantic Forest
    Ana Carolina Brant CorrêaLeandro FreitasFenodinâmica a tree community in Atlantic montana
    Bruno Damasceno CordeiroAntonio Carlos AndradeSurvival and growth of seedlings of four herbaceous species Anthurium maricense (ARACEAE) a simulated facilitation
    Caio Baez GomesGustavo MartinelliFlora of the high altitude grasslands of the state of Rio de Janeiro: ParqueEstadual of the Three Peaks
    Camila Pereira da SilvaAndré MantovaniAllometric changes in aroids as a strategy to life in the Copa: there is increased coupling between leaf area and anatomical moficicações?
    Dayene Silva MarcosKaren Lúcia Gama De ToniMorphology and development of the stigmata of genres Tillandsióides
    Elaine dos Santos MaltaMaria de Fatima FreitasOntogeny of the androecium in the genus Myrsine (Primulaceae - Myrsinoideae)
    Felipe Juliani de Souza ChristoDenise P. da CostaA survey of species of bryophytes in the urban area of ​​the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro center, Brazil
    Iris Lourenco de MenezesRenata Perpetuo ReisEnhancement of in vitro culture of Canistrocarpus cervicornis
    Isabel Ramalho Ortigão de LeoniJoão Marcelo A. BragaAnalysis of the survival and development of ten native species used for ecological restoration on sandbank
    Jonas de AzevedoGilberto M. Amado FilhoTaxonomic identification of encrusting coralline algae Natural Momumento Cagarras Islands
    Júlia Maria Correia GasparAlda Lúcia HeizerHERBIE FÉE: The historical trajectory of a collection
    Laura Videira FilardiAnibal A. de Carvalho JuniorMorphological evolution in Pucciniales based molecular phylogeny of hosts
    Leonardo Bora do NascimentoNeusa TamaioAnatomical identification of commercial timbers in the state of Rio de Janeiro
    Luan Carlos Dias de FreitasMaristerra Rodrigues LemeGenetic diversity and population structure of jequitibá caiman (ianeirensis Cariniana, Lecythidaceae), an endangered tree species from extinction jequitibás (Cariniana spp., Lecythidaceae)
    Luiz Paulo Martins de MoraesElsie Franklin GuimarãesDiversity Boraginaceae Sierra Tiririca Niterói / Marica, RJ, Brazil
    Marcus José de A. F.JuniorVidal de Freitas MansanoTaxonomic revision of the genus Dialium (Leguminosae Diallinae) in Latin America
    Maria Julia P. da F. Fernandes WillemesLeonardo T. SalgadoUltra structural and functional analysis of estrômulos in dendroidea Laurencia (Rhodophyta)
    Nizandra Sagioro da SilvaDenise P. da CostaSpecies richness of Flora of the Sierra Aracá and da Neblina National Park, Amazonia, Brazil
    Rafael Gomes Barbosa da SilvaRafaela C. ForzzaSpecies richness of Flora of the Sierra Aracá, Amazon, Brazil
    Renato Tenan de Barros AlmeidaGilberto M. Amado FilhoCharacterization of benthic composition in reef areas under different ecological conditions in the Abrolhos Platform, Brazil
    Talvanis Lorenzetti FreiraJosé Fernando A, BaumgratzOntogenetic studies of inflorescences in Clidemia (Miconieae; Melastomataceae) applied to the systematic
    Tarlile Barbosa LimaVidal de Freitas MansanoModeling distribution patterns in Swartzia (LEGUMINOSAE, PAPILONOIDEAE), a diverse genus in the Neotropics
    Thais Lemos QuintãoGilberto M. Amado FilhoFauna associated with the bank banks rhodolith Davis on seamounts chain Vitoria-Trindade
    Vivian Maria Souza de FariasClaudia F. BarrosWood anatomy of species of the Atlantic Forest remnant in Itatiaia National Park
  • Calendar of activities


    June 4 Final date for submission to the Secretariat of the PIBIC Activity Report of the grantee (the agosto/2013 junho/2014)
    June 11 Final submission to the clerk of the PIBIC abstract for presentation at the 2014 Seminar Date
    June 11Final date for submission to the Secretariat of PIBIC documentation for selection of mentors for incoming scholarship quota (the period ago/2014 Jul/2015)
    22, 23 and July 24Seminar XXII PIBIC / CNPq / JBRJ

    PIBIC Internal Committee
    Leandro Freitas (Coordenador)
    Claudia Franca Barros
    Leonardo T. Salgado
    Vidal de Freitas Mansano
    Leila A. Fonseca


    Call for submissions guiding Scholars PIBIC/CNPQ/2014-2015